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Simply Stated Architecture, P.C. offers a full range of Architectural Design and Consulting Services for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Construction. We will work with you to meet your needs, whether basic or detailed:
Consulting on Building Codes, Accessibility Reviews or Compliance Reports, Property Condition Assessments, Zoning Analysis Reports, and other Building Design Issues
Concept Sketches and Architectural Visualization
Permit Documents
Fully Detailed Construction Documents and Specifications
Project Status Reports, Repair Confirmation Reports, and other Reporting for Lenders, Insurers, or Legal Counsel.

As your Architect, we will work to be your navigator through the design and construction process and bring your project to a successful completion. Working with a full range of Engineers and other Specialists to be able to provide a full scope of design services for a client’s project, each of our client proposals is crafted to meet the needs of a specific project. Some projects will be more detailed and complex than others. Similarly, some clients will require more project assistance than others. Each proposal will be tailored to best match your needs and those of your specific project.

Specializing in Period and Historic Architecture, Sustainable Design Issues, and Accessibility and Universal Design Issues
, we bring a holistic design approach to meet Human, Ecological, and Economical Needs.

We believe in making use of our Existing Built Environment while preserving its aesthetic and character through Restoration, Adaptive Re-Use, Renovation, and Materials Re-Use.

Further, we believe that Sustainable architecture is about investing over merely spending. Too often initial cost overrules the decision making process, creating unnecessary maintenance and operating costs that far surpass those initial costs during the lifetime of a building. Our philosophy is to address total costs and balance the issues of initial cost along with those costs of operation and maintenance. Tying in to our previous point, the most sustainable course of action is to make use of what is already present and to make use of the built environment that surrounds us.

Finally, Accessible Buildings will better meet the long term needs of the occupants. Whether it is to meet the needs of Employees and Customers or to meet the needs of those living in a residence, considering the Accessibility needs of All Ages as well as those Injured or Disabled Occupants increases the usability of a Building.

We can meet your needs for New Construction, Remodeling, Renovation, Interiors, Consulting, Color Selection Projects, and much more.

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Lemoyne, PA 17043-2025

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Simply Stated Architecture PC
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● Feasibility Studies
● Code and Assessment Consulting
● Architectural Visualization
● Code Reviews & Consulting
● Accessibility Consulting
● Age-in-Place & Universal Design
● Interior Design & Remodeling
● Historic & Period Architecture
● Sustainable Design

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